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100.000Volts.TV develops and produces tv shows for the Belgian and international market. 

In 2019 we started the production of two brand new shows: 'Animal Clinic 24/7' and 'The Pop-Up Court-house'

'Animal Clinic 24/7' is a documentary series about the veterinary medicine faculty at the university of Ghent. This series will be aired on VRT, één in 2019. 

'De Pop-Up Courth-house' is a brand new format in which a pop-up court-house travels across Flanders to help out people with juridical and legal problems. A team of retired judges and lawyers is at their service to help them out. The series will air on Vtm in 2019. 

In 2016/17 we produced an innovative fixed-rig documentary series, providing viewers with an intimate look behind the curtains of the Emergency Rooms in the University Hospital of Leuven, titled 'ER 24/7'. The first series aired on EEN (Belgiums public bc) in the fall of 2016. A second series aired in spring 2017 and a third in the fall of that same year. 

In the fall of 2016, 100.000Volts.TV we started the production of another documentary series under the same 24/7 brand, depicting the daily live of the Antwerp police force: 'Police 24/7'. The series aired in 2018. 

In mai 2017 we also started filming in Gent for a series titled 'Childrens Hospital 24/7'. The series is currently on air (EEN - Belgiums public broadcaster).

In 2016, 100.000Volts.TV produced  the famous adventure reality format 'Peking Express' for Q2, the second channel of commercial broadcaster Vmma. 

'The coast is clear' is a documentary series produced for commercial broadcaster Vier (SBS Belgium). This series aired in september 2017.